Alien Exterminator

Alien Exterminator 2.0

Exterminate the space station from the raid of Aliens in Alien Exterminator
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OTS Software

Exterminate the space station from the raid of Aliens in Alien Exterminator.
This exciting action game takes you on the mission to deep raid into alien positions and to exterminate their threat from the infested space station.
This space game, created in a 3D game environment, is full of action and adventure. In this shooting game, you are privileged with the role of an ultra-modern, first-person space shooter. You have a challenging mission in the space station where there are numerous aliens that have to be cleared in this shootout spree. You will have to clear the Aliens in order to survive and make yourself powerful by upgrading your weaponry and energy levels. Your controls in the role of the exterminator can be performed by using the arrow keys and mouse for movements, firing can be started by pressing your left mouse button, and the right mouse button enables you to take jumps. High quality graphics, 3D environment, and an addictive game-play make the game even more exciting.

Padma Pardhy
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  • Entertaining game for kids
  • Game is developed in a 3D environment
  • Great game when you want simple recreation
  • Game display is not cumbersome
  • Good sound effects in the background


  • The game is a bit boring on the long run
  • Same graphics and not much challenging
  • The shooting machine is not flexible in movement
  • Not very colorful and attractive
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